Tech. Checklist: Goals for Independent Living

Believe it or not, when I was 13 years old I designed and built a tic-tac-toe playing computer. Really! A couple of years later, I produced an improved design in high school: Oaks Tic-Tac-Toe Computer II (OTC II).  Both worked, though both did short out my schools for a while!

Anyway, I decided to work with you humans, rather than pursue a career in computers. I became a community organizer, and I am proud that I have worked for more than four decades for a peaceful revolution!

After my fall a few years ago, I am surprised how I need to keep up the good fight for empowerment, independence, community and self-determination. I guess those of us in our community, especially with a disability label, are kind of like a shark: We need to keep going forward every moment to live!

My Current List of Tech. Goals:

Set up Linux dual boot on PC.

  • Figure out good distro
  • Set up grub for easy use

Get PC mouse control for chair issues fixed. Movement of cursor is working but clicking actions not. Unintended dragging happening with windows. Intermittent connection issues? Also identify proper USB receiver.
Have contacted NuMotion – David 7/11/2017
Organize cords underneath PC desk, labeling and possibly zip tying them.
Re organize charging area. Need more ports for USB charging. Also main plug for current multi-charger not staying securely in outlet.
Maybe Staples?

Need TECLA set up for bed. Already have extra button/switch but no way to secure in reach for David.
Need a mount

Test out Dragon. See if it can work through webcam and/or desk mic when David has speaker system on. Can also try with headset.
Need time

Test out blood pressure cuff (iHealth). App should already be setup on black iPhone.

Ability to open front and back doors

Reaching out to Tecla, here is a copy of my message 7/13/17:

I have a Tecla Shield, and this device is mounted on my chair. I have found this very helpful for accessing my iPhone. I am very disabled, there is a switch on my chair that activates the Tecla, bluetoothing into my iPhone which is mounted in front of me using Stealth technology. I would like to use this Tecla Shield for several other purposes. For example, at night, I would like the Tecla mounted on my bed so that I can access emergency phone call if needed. There are enough empty switches that I could also access raising and lowering my bed, turning on and off lights, and operating the television / internet. I would need a mount for my bed and some advice. Another purpose would be to use the Tecla Shield during the day to open the front door, and close it when I am leaving. Please note that we live in a small town, Eugene, Oregon. When I broke my neck four years ago, I assumed I would have access to technology and the community of other quads (because of a disabled neck I am even more, a penta which I have just learned about). My point is, I need to access technology advice outside of this community. I have access to video teleconferencing such as Zoom and Skype. It would be very nice to consult with an expert somewhere in the world. If I do not continue to reach out aggressively, it is amazing how fast life can go by. Let us make some noise together!If you Google my name, you will see that by coincidence I have worked on disability rights for about four decades: David W Oaks Eugene, Oregon