Amazon movie problem: I’ve asked them, do you have answer?

Posted by on June 14, 2019 in Peer Support | 2 comments

For several months, my Amazon movies have had a problem: About every second, there is a little hiccup in the video, a short pause of action. Movie-lovers who watch with me have noted the problem. This only has impacted the visual part of the movie, not the audio.

I informed Amazon of the problem using live chat. We provided a bunch of information. First challenge I noticed that the Amazon helpers would often repeat the questions, wish they had read what had already happened. Second, I was handed off to several helpers at Amazon. I think this stutter is complex enough to deserve expert help.

A few days ago, I noticed the problem now periodically extends to the audio. I see that once in awhile, the sound is garbled for a moment.

As I have already informed Amazon, we never have any of these problems in Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. Also, the problem occurs in other browsers here. Everything is updated.

Well, I will now contact Amazon and show them this blog. I will post the results. After many years as a loyal Prime customer, it may be time to be an Amaznope?


  1. I experience this all the time. In my first years as a mental patient, I met a lot of mentally ill persons, who claimed it is “signals” or “messages” from “somewhere”, a “higher being”, a “G-host”, a “spirit”, “Pentagon” or somewhere else.
    It can have something to do with, that this “force” or “energy” tells you something about your condition: signals through your spine. Once I had a plummer come a make my zink or drain in my kitchen. When he left, he said, now the drain works properly. Then I got the feeling, that God told me now my intestines worked properly. They did, but I then accidently behaved as my intestines was still sick, and again manifested the old reality of having a sick intestine, and the miracle stopped for now. David, have you contact with perhaps “very” mentally ill persons in U.S.A. through Support Coalition International or Mindfreedom, who can help you with contacting this “being” and get well?

  2. Hi David,

    I have worked customer service for a retailer and I have also done chat support. If it were me, I’d just answer your question, but if I were to do so without following “company protocol” I’d get in trouble. I am thinking the agent likely has to do things in a certain order. He has to identify you first, find your purchase, and then, proceed to write up a case. He has to write it up even if he passes it onto another agent. Likely there’s a knowledgebase that will tell him the answer to your question. I’m sure it’s there, but he doesn’t know how to find it. I hope they can find an answer for you.