Homecare Worker in Eugene? Take Our Survey!

David Oaks and his wife, Debra, welcome you to their Mad Swan Ecohome. Mad Swan is a green 1/4 acre in the southwest Eugene Churchill neighborhood.

UPDATE 17 December 2018:

We have just filled all shifts. Home care workers are encouraged to fill out our online, brief, private survey, link below. We will keep answers on file for future openings and sub positions, plus you can indicate that we can share your interest with other disabled consumers.

Below is our original entry:

Living with severe disabilities, I have a great team of six homecare workers through Senior & Disability Services who help me throughout the week in my daily life needs.

Due to a worker leaving, we are looking for care workers to help fill the schedule. If you have an active SDS provider number and are interested in working for me, please fill out the below survey.

In the survey, you can indicate if I can share your interest with other disabled consumers in Eugene who might employ you:


If you do not have your active SDS provider number yet, but you would like to do home care work in Eugene, you can learn more about becoming with a homecare worker with SDS here:


More About Joining My Spectacular Homecare Team

We have a wonderful and appreciated half-dozen homecare workers supporting me in our home with my amazing wife Debra. Several regular shifts are opening soon, and here is a chance to join our team, where we aim to have the best workplace on Earth!

Several on our team have worked here for many years, and we are very grateful. More information about this position is on my blog here:


Because of timing, priority must go to people with a current, active Oregon Senior and Disability Services home care provider number.

This month, December 2018, is the six-year anniversary of my severe falling accident that made me a quad in a powerchair with impaired voice and hands. In the disability activist movement, we have joked that this kind of thing is “re-establishing our credentials”!

My attitude is that today Earth faces eco-crisis but much of humanity seems paralyzed. Hey, when there’s paralysis involved, who ya gonna’ call?

Please spread the word to homecare workers with an S&DS provider number, or are highly motivated to get their number and become a homecare worker. It is an extremely important career that helps many of us live independently. Thanks!

You can email me at davidwoaks@gmail.com.


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Help Wanted in Eugene: Join Our Amazing Homecare Team!

Paid Home Care Worker Wanted

Spring 2018: Part-Time, Eugene, OR

Have a Current S&DS Home Care Provider Number?

Here in southwest Eugene, on a quarter-acre of wild garden, in our little creative home, I have a great team of five fantastic folks. They provide about 85 hours per week to help me get out of bed, do hygiene, eat, get back to bed and various activities of independent living that allow me to live in our community with my amazing wife, Debra.

My workers all say they love this job. But one is leaving for a full time position: Leaving 3 evening shifts Mon., Wed., and Fri. As well as a Sun. am shift. There is some flexibility.

As a quadriplegic+, I use a powerchair, and have a few other challenges such as a disabled voice. After more than 40 years as an activist, I am passionate about social & environmental change.

A priority is a homecare worker with an active Senior & Disabled Services (S&DS) provider number. S&DS pays my workers’ wages, health insurance and vacation through the State of Oregon.

Because of time, we are now looking for someone with an active provider number. Experience with paralysis care, such as a hoyer lift, is important. We aim to make this the best employment on Earth!

If interested email me at: davidwoaks@gmail.com

Or call me at 458-205-9426.

My listing is in the OHCC Registry and Referral Service.

You can download and post this flyer: home-care-flyer-2018

More info see the “help wanted” tab in my blog.

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Paid Part-time Help Wanted: Especially if you already have Senior & Disabled Services provider number

Do you live in Lane County, now or in the near future?

Do you want a part-time home care paid position with one of the best employers in the world, me?

I have multiple disabilities. In fact, I would be called quad but actually because my neck has long had a challenge, I am actually a penta: that is, I have five major disabilities, all my limbs and my neck. Plus a disabled voice.

But let us talk about the positives now, there is a great opportunity for the person or persons who work out!

To the right I am trying out a standing power chair, an example of the direction I am headed. Be revolutionary!

Paid Part-Time Home Care Workers Needed Now!

Because of circumstances, such as a serious health problem with one of our newer employees, we have a need for part-time workers, which can easily turn into permanent shifts.

For more info about paid part-time home care work, see my Help Wanted tab or go directly to this page:

If you have interest, please act now by emailing me at davidwoaks@gmail.com and/or if you have my cell number, give me a call.

Our priority is an individual who already has an active Oregon Senior & Disabled Services provider number. But if you have a clean record and passion for this work, then applying with me can be your potential way to getting such a number, which can lead to other jobs.

One current worker says this about being an employee on our quarter-acre southwest Eugene eco-home: “David is a great and flexible employer. Their home is a wonderful place to spend time at and David is always fun to chat with. Working with David has also provided me with ample learning opportunities that have helped me start a career in care work. Thanks, David!” – Ian

In fact, even without applying for an SDS provider number, there are some part-time positions (such as admin, etc.) where we can hire directly.

Spread the word with folks who you think would be a good fit, if they live in our area or expect to live here soon.


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Please Tell Everyone in Oregon: My Awesome Brother is Looking for a Job!

Please Tell Everyone in Oregon: My Awesome Brother is Looking for a Job!
My big brother Tony Oaks, friend Rev. Phil Schulman, wife Debra Nunez and me.

My big brother Tony Oaks, friend Rev. Phil Schulman, wife Debra Nunez and me.

Update 28 July 2015: Tony is open to even doing a good volunteer job, such as a bike coordinator in Eugene. Plus, while I do not want to take up his busy time, even a one-time note  of encouragement to him would be great. His email address is below.

Do you know anyone in Oregon? Maybe you live in Portland or Eugene or in between? My brother, Tony, who has an amazing range of talents, is looking for a job here and if he finds one, he will relocate from Texas!

I sure am glad the economy is stronger here than it has been in years, because that means that Tony may find the job of his dreams here soon, and I truly love my only sibling!

Quick story: I was in the emergency room back in December of 2012 and my neck was badly broken because of a fall. The first call I made was to Tony, and within hours he flew from Houston, and was by my side for much of the time since then. Tony is a great ally for those of us with a disability, learning my rehab needs, helping to build our accessibility with Habitat for Humanity, raising money for my trust account for my independent living and much more.

A few months ago, Tony came back to Eugene and helped our mom during her departure from our planet at the age of 97. Mom, Violet Oaks, had us two children and definitely treated us as loving as any parent on Earth. Our dad, also Tony Oaks, died back in 1988, but along with our mom, raised us with tender loving care on the south side of Chicago.

To quote his Linkedin page, Tony is “Looking for Project Management Opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.” Tony has many skills beyond his MBA, computer wizardry and Project Management certification. Bicyclist, wilderness first aid, improvisational theater humor, parent with the amazing Charlene of four wonderful adult children, great chef, lover of film and so much more! Nora, Tony’s youngest, makes her dad so proud as she excels at Oregon State University, developing champion solar cars, saying “yes” to Ethan’s proposal, planning their departure next year for the PeaceCorps, etc.

Those who would like more info, especially with any leads about northwest jobs that might lead to bringing this fantastic Texan to Oregon, please see his Linkedin profile here:


Tony has told me about some interesting ideas about his career, and is very open to changes beyond his IT work. A smart employer would ask him about that. In fact a good employer anywhere with a fast Internet would inquire about hiring him in Oregon wherever they are located.

Something that anyone can and should do for me would be to thank Tony for being such a wonderful brother for me. You may email Tony: tony.oaks@gmail.com

You may also leave a public comment with your encouragement and/or glowing praise here on this blog entry. Lead on, Tony!


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David Oaks is Hiring Home-Care Workers – Help Wanted Info!

 Updated: 3/24/2017 – We are now looking for subs. While our team is full we often need a sub or two. You would decide on your own hours. We utilize great workers morning and night, seven days a week. 

You will find the Top Ten Reasons for you to Join Team Oaks as a Home Care Worker or member of the Community, plus a downloadable flyer:

Below is lots more info about this job.  You may now apply directly to me by simply emailing me about your interest: davidwoaks@gmail.com   In fact I may help you start a whole career as a home-care worker with or without a provider number!  It is easier than ever to apply for these positions!

Home-Care Workers:  Permanent and Fill-In Positions

Work with long-time activist David Oaks.


Hi Homecare Worker!

The best homecare worker team in the world is looking for a Sub, because almost every other week we need coverage for an AM or PM shift. Filling in is an easy way to join us. A small regular weekly shift may be opening soon!

If interested in joining our team give me a cell call, the number is in the S&DS Online Registry. Or email to davidwoaks@gmail.com, or both.

Thanks, David

About this opportunity:

Helpful for all shifts: Experience w/ quadriplegics. Experience w/ hoyer lifts. For AM shift only experience w/ digital stim. bowel program (additional training from my nurse available). About every 3 days we shower in the am.

Born in 1955 in the south side of Chicago, raised working class, got scholarships to Harvard, graduated with honors 1977. Since then I’ve worked for disability human rights, especially mental health, co-founding MindFreedom International. In 2012 I broke my neck and do a lot of rehab. I’m in a powerchair w/ paralyzed legs & arms with several other disabilities. For example my vocal fold is impaired.

My main interest is environmental action. My wife Debra, our cat Bongo and I live in our own neat home, on our quarter-acre eco-garden we call Mad Swan, in the Churchill neighborhood SW Eugene.  

Our many shifts each week total about 85 hrs:

  1.  Weekday am: Typically start at 7 or 7:30 am
  2.  Sat. am: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
  3.  Sun. am: 9 am to noon, plus noon to 3 pm 1st Sun.
  4.  Weekday pm: 3:00 pm to about 8:00 pm
  5.  Weekend pm: About 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Some of the tasks for both the am and pm shifts (training available):

  • Dressing & personal hygiene (ability to roll me, 175 lbs, while in bed)
  • Supra pubic catheter care (it’s easy, training available)
  • Assist communication via computer
  • Light housekeeping & laundry
  • Meal set-up, preparation, service & cleanup
  • Transportation to/from appointments & social events driving my accessible van; clean driving record required
  • Assistance with meds & vitamins


We’re homecare union supporters. We make sure longer shifts get a break. We’ve got a nice, comfy, quiet breakroom, or our big backyard, deck/garden. Supplies/equipment are carefully maintained. Workplace is professional & safety is our highest priority. For more info, direct your search engine to David W. Oaks. My public blog is

Act soon! Contact my cell phone number you will find on the S&DS Online Registry or email me at davidwoaks@gmail.com

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Part-Time Admin. Needed for Long-Time Activist David Oaks

Debra with her husband David.

Debra with her husband David.

Would you like to work for a few hours a week for a social change activist? I need someone to support my activism and writing projects about two to six hours per week, more or less.

Below are my criteria. If you are possibly interested, just email me.


Writing skills: You are a good writer and proofreader.

Attitude: You are a self-starter, friendly with good communication skills, including the ability to hear someone with a disabled, soft voice.

Basic computer abilities: You are fairly comfortable on both PC and Mac’s.

Transport: You can visit me in my Churchill-area home, though some of your work can be done from your home.

Activist friendly: You support the principles of social change, such as stopping global warming.

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