We Are Crowd-Sourcing Our Disability Questions For David Oaks!

Posted by on June 7, 2014 in Peer Support | Comments Off on We Are Crowd-Sourcing Our Disability Questions For David Oaks!

David_n_Debra_PaulCarterR-G-FBsizeDebra and David here. As many of you know, David broke his neck in December 2012. It is now almost summer of 2014, so we are still somewhat new to this. we have many questions! It occurred to us that we should ask these questions of many people, because our networks want to help and we know there are many of you who can help answer these questions but we have not met you yet!

OK, here are some questions that we may add to later as more come to us:

1. What kind of hot tub and lift should we get?

Our contractor is planning to extend our backyard deck soon, to help David’s access to the backyard. We have a limited budget and need to keep costs down.

What kind of hot tub would work? Would a Soft Tub brand be best as some have said? Should we put the hot tub on the deck, which is about 18″ high? Or should we put the hot tub on the ground on a pad?

A big area of questions is about how we should we should transfer David to the hot tub. We currently use a Hoyer to get him from bed to chair.

Yes, we can decide the hot tub questions later, but our contractor wants to know this week whether he should reinforce the deck extension or build the pad on the ground.

Do you know of experts, articles, links, forums to help us get basic info. on these questions?

By the way, you may see a short video about the current deck by clicking here.

2. What are the best online forums for people labeled quad?

David has kind of avoided these, but is ready. Keep in mind of course that he is an activist.

3. Best truly hands-free blue tooth?

David has trouble reaching his ear, so a wonderful volunteer has modified his blue tooth so a big chest button can activate it. However, these have had a lot of problems. Does anyone know who is a good expert on computers and people called quad?

4. Eating utensils?

David uses a special spoon with a real long handle that twists like a snake, and with that he can eat certain foods himself, though as he puts it it can be messy. Anyway, who is the best expert about this? Do you know the best store?