David W. Oaks on Green Disability

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Free, today, Thursday, 15 July 2021, (4 PM ET, 1 PM PT) I will give a live, 45-minute online workshop on Green Disability as part of the Alternatives 2021 Conference.

Green Disability: Peer Support Unites the Mental & Physical Disability Movements

How can peer mutual support in both physical & mental disability movements help humanity prepare for disasters including climate crisis? Our society seems too complacent, but peer support is a practical way for groups to respond to future disasters, and defend vulnerable communities threatened by disasters such as pandemics.

Date & Time: Today, Thursday, 15 July 2021, 4 pm ET, 1 pm PT.

How to Pre-Register Free:

Simply click on this link, fill out the brief form, and then Zoom will email you an automatic invite. If you do not see that invite, check your spam folder and/or search for the word zoom.

You can also register free for the whole Alternatives 2021 conference, accessing dozens of workshops by mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors.

If you missed any workshop, including mine, they will be available for streaming soon. I will announce this as soon as I hear any development.

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  1. I hope it was recorded. I was In another meeting.

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