Homecare Worker in Eugene? Take Our Survey!

Posted by on December 11, 2018 in Disability, Help Wanted | 5 comments

David Oaks and his wife, Debra, welcome you to their Mad Swan Ecohome. Mad Swan is a green 1/4 acre in the southwest Eugene Churchill neighborhood.

UPDATE 17 December 2018:

We have just filled all shifts. Home care workers are encouraged to fill out our online, brief, private survey, link below. We will keep answers on file for future openings and sub positions, plus you can indicate that we can share your interest with other disabled consumers.

Below is our original entry:

Living with severe disabilities, I have a great team of six homecare workers through Senior & Disability Services who help me throughout the week in my daily life needs.

Due to a worker leaving, we are looking for care workers to help fill the schedule. If you have an active SDS provider number and are interested in working for me, please fill out the below survey.

In the survey, you can indicate if I can share your interest with other disabled consumers in Eugene who might employ you:


If you do not have your active SDS provider number yet, but you would like to do home care work in Eugene, you can learn more about becoming with a homecare worker with SDS here:


More About Joining My Spectacular Homecare Team

We have a wonderful and appreciated half-dozen homecare workers supporting me in our home with my amazing wife Debra. Several regular shifts are opening soon, and here is a chance to join our team, where we aim to have the best workplace on Earth!

Several on our team have worked here for many years, and we are very grateful. More information about this position is on my blog here:


Because of timing, priority must go to people with a current, active Oregon Senior and Disability Services home care provider number.

This month, December 2018, is the six-year anniversary of my severe falling accident that made me a quad in a powerchair with impaired voice and hands. In the disability activist movement, we have joked that this kind of thing is “re-establishing our credentials”!

My attitude is that today Earth faces eco-crisis but much of humanity seems paralyzed. Hey, when there’s paralysis involved, who ya gonna’ call?

Please spread the word to homecare workers with an S&DS provider number, or are highly motivated to get their number and become a homecare worker. It is an extremely important career that helps many of us live independently. Thanks!

You can email me at davidwoaks@gmail.com.



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  4. Many years ago I contacted you with grave concerns over the massive fraud and corruption in the Brain Injury Rehab systems in America. I believe you were the director of Support Coalition International. ? You wrote me and gave me a referral to Ken Collins in New Mexico – if my memory serves me correct? I do not know how you got my now email? I am sorry to hear you became disabled in an accident 6 years ago. It appears you and your wife now have a nursing home agency. (?)
    I do remember your words… “Nothing has changed with the fraud and brain injury rehabs.” You are correct even now. All these years and the horrid fraud racket of the Brain Injury rehab industry in this country grows worse and more corrupt. You were correct when you told me.. “the U.S. government set it up that way.” I have persons whom I consider brothers and sisters (friends) who were railroaded into this horrible fake system of brain injury rehabs that are virtual prisons also worse than the old state homes that incarcerated human beings using them for profit in deplorable settings denying these persons all rights as human beings. The government is deeply entrenched in this racket which work along with the corrupt courts who snare disabled in to unwarranted guardianship’s, then court order them to the gulags called re-hab where no re-hab is done.. only isolation, force drugging dangerous psychiatric drugs, making them zombies, while they collect huge profits from insurances, Medicaid,Medicare… until finally they die in these America prisons called brain injury rehabs.. by the way that are only licensed by the states as “foster care homes”… for a price of over 1200 dollars a day! The most egregious thing is that these facilities deny the residents any communication to the outside world! When family and close friends try to visit .. they are told at the door to get out or they will call the police! They often do call the police (which is more evidence how corrupt these places are as even the law enforcement are part of the organized crime racket ring of corruption and abuse.)
    The same persons are still locked up in the concentration camps called brain injury rehabs.. 20 years now.. solitary confinement denied all constitutional and
    God given rights, right here in America!
    I do not understand your position with now running a nursing agency?

    Like I said, I do not know how you mysteriously got my e-mail. ?

    • Thanks, but there appears to be some major misunderstanding. I do not run a nursing agency. My blog was to reach out for home care workers in our home. Since my accident about six years ago, a wonderful team of home care workers help maintain my independent living here in our home, in Eugene, Oregon. I live here with my wife Debra.

      I appreciate your concerns about the human rights and empowerment for people who have experienced head injury.

      By the way, on the right hand side of my blog there is a place for people to enter their email address. I try to email out once in a while a notice when I have a new blog. My guess is that you put in your email address for that list many months ago, and have forgotten. Each email alert, via the service MailChimp, has a very easy way for anyone to unsubscribe, if they wish. If anyone has a problem unsubscribing, just contact me and I will personally make sure it is removed: davidwoaks@gmail.com