Help Wanted in Eugene: Join Our Amazing Homecare Team!

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Paid Home Care Worker Wanted

Spring 2018: Part-Time, Eugene, OR

Have a Current S&DS Home Care Provider Number?

Here in southwest Eugene, on a quarter-acre of wild garden, in our little creative home, I have a great team of five fantastic folks. They provide about 85 hours per week to help me get out of bed, do hygiene, eat, get back to bed and various activities of independent living that allow me to live in our community with my amazing wife, Debra.

My workers all say they love this job. But one is leaving for a full time position: Leaving 3 evening shifts Mon., Wed., and Fri. As well as a Sun. am shift. There is some flexibility.

As a quadriplegic+, I use a powerchair, and have a few other challenges such as a disabled voice. After more than 40 years as an activist, I am passionate about social & environmental change.

A priority is a homecare worker with an active Senior & Disabled Services (S&DS) provider number. S&DS pays my workers’ wages, health insurance and vacation through the State of Oregon.

Because of time, we are now looking for someone with an active provider number. Experience with paralysis care, such as a hoyer lift, is important. We aim to make this the best employment on Earth!

If interested email me at:

Or call me at 458-205-9426.

My listing is in the OHCC Registry and Referral Service.

You can download and post this flyer: home-care-flyer-2018

More info see the “help wanted” tab in my blog.


  1. Hi David, I know what a Hoyer lift is. I can ask around here if anyone has those qualifications and wants to relocate. Are provider numbers from other states transferable to Oregon or are they specific to each state? A lot of people around here do that sort of work and are looking for positions. If they are willing to relocate then they may be interested.

    Do you have a preference as to where I post the flyer? I am thinking a library, college, or coffee shop. Someplace where a random activist PCA might be peeking at the bulletin board. Ideas?


    • Thanks much for spreading the word! However, we are looking for Oregonian home care workers who already have their Senior & Disabled Services provider numbers. These numbers take a while to get, especially if someone has lived outside the state of Oregon in the last few months.

      Folks who are brand new to home care and need to apply for Oregon SDS number are fine, but we need to fill this fairly soon. Waiting for someone to get their SDS number, especially from out of state (meaning SDS has to do a criminal for all 50 states) takes too long.

      But thanks again! Spread the word, especially to Eugenians.