Really? There is something funny about breaking your neck?

Disability? Disaster? Dis is gonna be good!

Before his big fall in 2012 that put him into a power chair, David W. Oaks was a “serious” activist who spoke to hundreds of audiences in a dozen countries. For more than 40 years he has worked for human rights of people in the mental health system.

He co-founded one of the main independent groups in the field, MindFreedom International, which he led as executive director for 25 years before his accident.

Now he is a stand-up comic, or maybe we should say roll-up comic. David says that now he has “a certain je ne sais quad.”

Actually, because his neck is disabled, he is more than a quad (four limbs disabled). He is a penta! “Wow, did not even know that existed. Impressed?” says David.

At his first paid comic gig at Sam Bonds bar in 2016, David informed the audience, “You are all going to die.”

You can watch a five-minute video of highlights from this here:

David Oaks 5 Min Comedy from David Zupan on Vimeo.

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