Preparing for an Altered State: “Intensive Care Unit Psychosis”

Posted by on August 24, 2017 in Peer Support | 1 comment

David W. Oaks says “Honk 4 Revolution.”

Many people seem to think that only a parentage of folks ever experience extreme and overwhelming states of mind. Actually, thousands of everyday people go through the trauma of ICU and go through  what is commonly called “madness.” I know, because since my fall in 2012 I have been through this a bunch. While I hope I never go through ICU again, even though everyone was nice, here are the ways I am preparing just in case I do.

Maybe you and everyone else should too?

  • I have a short video to myself to watch if I ever go through this again.
  • I have a great supported decision making team, both here in Eugene and internationally.
  • I also have a brief video to my team, in case I am ever considered unable to make a decision.
  • Yes, I have an advanced directive already that says that I only agree to voluntary mental health care ever, but the above help do more, especially support the people closest to me, who I so much love.

Everyone is always in an altered state, always. There is no normality. But we each need to be ready in case we enter especially vulnerable territory.


1 Comment

  1. David, you are right. The proud part of me wants to deny it. But actually, tonight I was reminded of just how vulnerable we all are. I had to prepare a comedy performance. I was under a lot of pressure and had a lot on my mind.
    In all that, I totally forgot to eat. It was like the old me, the old me that had an eating disorder. The starving me. I couldn’t quite think straight when I did the comedy so it came out halfway okay. I was clumsy with the props to say the least.

    It was a reminder. I didn’t tell anyone. But really, we all can fall prey. We are one step away, I suppose. Never mind they have their feelers out wayyy to far.

    BTW. I got a radio station going, wanna be a guest? juliemadblogger get in touch. I do radio just about daily.