Join Us in Peaceful Street Theater Having Fun with Climate Crisis Denial and Mental Health Oppression

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Dear Friends,

Below is an important forwarded message from Ron Unger, local coordinator of MindFreedom Lane County, full time mental heath worker, and a Prankster Extraordinaire.

We will have fun, and poke fun of climate crisis denial, and the roll of the mental health system in suppressing creative maladjustment. All are invited, just be peaceful, we will try Youtube it, please spread the word.

Please join me and Ron to try out the below simple street theater. We will be at the Lane County Free Speech Plaza across from the Saturday Market north-east corner of 8th and Oak, this Saturday, 17th August 2013, at 12 noon.

Your Creative Maladjustment is welcome. Personally I nominate Eugene Chamber of Commerce as a champion of climate crisis denial deserving a Golden Ostrich Award.

David Oaks

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ron Unger <>


Peaceful Street Theater this Saturday 17th August, Noon in Eugene

Save Our Happiness – Deny Climate Change!

This will be a prank style of event, with a dual purpose of both increasing awareness and thought about climate change, and also mocking mental health system attempts to make people “happy” while failing to consider the deeper reasons they may be discontented.

What we will be doing: Asking people to sign the “Save Our Happiness” Pledge, which reads, “I acknowledge that the scientifically supported belief in human caused climate change is the greatest threat to our nation’s happiness. To do my part to defend happiness and joy, I pledge to publicly pretend that human caused climate change does not exist, at least once!”

People may react in various ways, and we will have fun interacting with them.
· If they believe in climate change, we can talk to them about how their beliefs are really kind of a downer. We can encourage them to experiment with denying climate change and to notice how much better they feel, and even offer them professional help and/or psychiatric drugs to help them achieve a state of denial.

· If they state that climate change is just a fraud, we can thank them for already doing great at pretending to not believe in climate change! We can ask them how they got so good at denying the facts and suggest they could help us teach others how to pretend.

It can be carried on by very few people. For example, one person might have the clipboard with the petition, while another person offers to video the interaction of the petitioner and the person, if people agree to this. If additional people participate, they could carry signs, and/or there could be other petitioners. Even if there are no people to carry signs, there could be a sign or banner set up about the project –

Possible slogans for signs:
Keep Lane County Happy – Deny Climate Change!
Save Our Bliss – Pretend No Global Warming!
Let’s Pretend that Climate Change Science is a Conspiracy!
I Heartland Institute – leader in Let’s Pretend!

Thanks Chamber of Commerce – helping fund the pretense!

Not “Baking Our Children’s Planet” – pretend it’s “Gently Warming Our Future!”
If You Are Already Pretending – Thanks So Much!

Ron Unger