Your Feedback In Free Survey Will Help MindFreedom & Psychiatric Survivor Movement

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NEWS RELEASE  — July 14, 2017


MindFreedom International and Aciu Institute ask you to answer 11 survey questions! 

In a few moments, you can support human rights in the mental health system and one of the most important groups in that movement, MindFreedom International!

This survey asks for your opinions and ideas about MindFreedom and the future of this movement. You are invited to fill out this online survey whether or not you are a member of MindFreedom.

One of the most controversial parts of this survey asks whether you support:

“Underground railroad: Assisting individuals leaving their local areas to be free of coerced outpatient drugging.”

In other words, more and more Americans are under court order to take powerful psychiatric drugs against their will, on an out-patient basis, often in their own homes. MindFreedom and Aciu Institute are asking whether you would support a system such individuals who choose to leave to get away from this coerced psychiatric drugging.

You can read more about opposing forced outpatient drugging on this blog, here.

David Oaks (showed in the upper right trying out a standing wheelchair) is one of the co-founders of Aciu Institute, which is a consultant for MindFreedom International. David used to be an executive director for MFI, before a spinal injury in 2012.

You can fill out the survey here:

The survey begins on the annual day to celebrate psychiatric survivor human rights, traditionally Bastille Day, July 14, 2017.