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About David – A brief bio about David W. Oaks [165 words]:

David W. Oaks is the former Executive Director of MindFreedom International, an independent nonprofit coalition for human rights and alternatives in mental health, founded in 1986. David is a founding board member of Oregon Consumer/Survivor Coalition (OCSC), a nonprofit that is a “united voice for change” for Oregon’s mental health consumer/psychiatric survivor organizations. David is also on the board of the United States International Council on Disability (USICD). In the 1970’s, as a college student at Harvard on scholarship, David experienced psychiatric institutionalization five times, and was diagnosed as an incurable “schizophrenic.” In the start of his senior year in 1976, Harvard placed him as an intern in one of the early psychiatric survivor activist organizations. Through peer-run alternatives, David recovered and graduated with honors in 1977. He has been an international community organizer of mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors ever since. With his wife Debra, he lives in Eugene, Oregon, and loves camping, gardening and reading history. Email David at

To contact Mr. Oaks for speaking engagements or other public appearances, please email David. You can also follow David on Twitter: