NEWS RELEASE: Disability Activist Launching New Consulting Business. Aciu!

Posted by on June 6, 2019 in Peer Support | 1 comment

David W. Oaks, community organizer with more than four decades of experience in nonprofit advocacy, is launching a for-profit consulting firm, oriented towards green accessibility and empowerment.

In 2012, David experienced a major accident, and he is “quad” (or “tetra”) in a power chair, with disabled voice and fingers. With the support of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), he prepared a business plan to launch this business, with a focus on disability. Now VR has given a green light to support this launch.

This firm, Aciu Institute, will help businesses, nonprofits and individuals make workspaces, services, and homes friendlier to and more inclusive of all people regardless of ability, with an ecological perspective, especially for disaster prep. Aciu Institute is already consulting with a human rights nonprofit, MindFreedom International, as well as World Health Organization based on in Geneva.

Aciu Institute has formed an advisory panel with many experienced leaders in disability, business, sustainability, activism, and more.

Aciu Institute is a member of GreenLane. David said, “Networking with other GreenLane members has supported my pre-launch process. Aciu!” For more information, contact David by email,

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  1. Congratulations on your business launch! I was going to write to you and ask about it and then I saw this article pop up in my inbox. Thanks for all you do!