Paid: Home Care Worker Wanted, Shifts Now Opening

UPDATE 17 December 2018:

We have just filled all shifts. Home care workers are encouraged to fill out our online, brief, private survey, link below. We will keep answers on file for future openings and sub positions, plus you can indicate that we can share your interest with other disabled consumers.

Below is our original entry, please take our survey if you are a home care worker:

If interested, email to me: Priority goes to people with a current, active Oregon Senior and Disability Services home care provider number. But for the very motivated, here is a chance to get such an S&DS provider number!

For a PDF Flyer about this job, click here: home-care-flyer-2018
David Oaks and his wife, Debra welcome you to their Mad Swan Ecohome.

David Oaks and his wife, Debra welcome you to their Mad Swan Ecohome.

Part-Time, Eugene, Oregon

Here in southwest Eugene, on a quarter-acre of wild garden, in our little creative home, I have a great team of about six fantastic folks. They provide about 85 hours per week to help me get out of bed, do hygiene, eat, get back to bed and various activities of independent living that allow me to live in our community with my amazing wife, Debra.

As a quadriplegic, I use a powerchair, and have a few other challenges such as a disabled voice. After more than 40 years as an activist, I am passionate about social & environmental change.

Experience with paralysis care, such as a hoyer lift, is helpful. We aim to make this the best employment experience on Earth!

If interested email me at: My phone number is 458-205-9426.

For background please see my blog entry about Home care positions here.

I also have a blog entry about why someone might want to join my splendid crew, and how we aim to make this one of the best home care jobs in the world. I have made a Top Ten List here.

Are You Interested But Do Not Have An S&DS Number Yet?

If home care is something that you have always dreamed of doing, please tell me why because I may be able to help start you in this great career.

S&DS will give successful prospects a free orientation, criminal background check, and then a provider number. Once a person has such a provider number, he or she may be on a directory online which can lead to more clients in our area, as well as paid training for a wide variety of topics that can enhance your career by S&DS.

More info from S&DS about this work is here:

If after reviewing this info you are interested in this career please email me at: