Paid Part-time Help Wanted: Especially if you already have Senior & Disabled Services provider number

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Do you live in Lane County, now or in the near future?

Do you want a part-time home care paid position with one of the best employers in the world, me?

I have multiple disabilities. In fact, I would be called quad but actually because my neck has long had a challenge, I am actually a penta: that is, I have five major disabilities, all my limbs and my neck. Plus a disabled voice.

But let us talk about the positives now, there is a great opportunity for the person or persons who work out!

To the right I am trying out a standing power chair, an example of the direction I am headed. Be revolutionary!

Paid Part-Time Home Care Workers Needed Now!

Because of circumstances, such as a serious health problem with one of our newer employees, we have a need for part-time workers, which can easily turn into permanent shifts.

For more info about paid part-time home care work, see my Help Wanted tab or go directly to this page:

If you have interest, please act now by emailing me at and/or if you have my cell number, give me a call.

Our priority is an individual who already has an active Oregon Senior & Disabled Services provider number. But if you have a clean record and passion for this work, then applying with me can be your potential way to getting such a number, which can lead to other jobs.

One current worker says this about being an employee on our quarter-acre southwest Eugene eco-home: “David is a great and flexible employer. Their home is a wonderful place to spend time at and David is always fun to chat with. Working with David has also provided me with ample learning opportunities that have helped me start a career in care work. Thanks, David!” – Ian

In fact, even without applying for an SDS provider number, there are some part-time positions (such as admin, etc.) where we can hire directly.

Spread the word with folks who you think would be a good fit, if they live in our area or expect to live here soon.


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  1. Hello David.

    My name is Rachel Nichols. I have worked as a CNA/HHA in the past, though my certification has expired now. I am a conscientious worker and have cared for sick relatives off and on since my teens. I have an unusual talent for being able to guess where people hurt and how rubbing muscles a certain way can relieve pain.

    I live in Indiana but am willing to relocate. Although I realize it’s a part-time position you offer, between it and my disability check (supposed to have “bipolar” so my work history is spotty) I can get by. Plus it would look a lot better on my resume than a big gap.