Current Help Wanted: Spring 2018

Spring 2018: Paid & unpaid jobs in Eugene, Oregon. 

Currently we are looking for paid home care worker(s) for regular shifts both in the AM and PM.

A priority is if you have an active Senior & Disabled Services provider number. If you do not have such a number, but are very motivated to become a home care worker, we may be able to help you get a number.

Please contact us:

As well as the paid home care position, we are often looking for both volunteer and other kinds of help. 

Below is more information about paid and unpaid jobs:

Amazing Paid & Unpaid Jobs, Wherever You Live!

David W. Oaks has worked for more than 40 years as a disability activist, mainly on mental health. He has also worked in the peace and environmental movements. He co-founded MindFreedom International, one of the main independent human rights coalitions for mental health. He was director for 25 years of this Eugene-based NGO. He has spoken widely in more than 10 countries.

(There are several jobs, paid and unpaid. Please use the pull down menu on this blog under “Help Wanted.”)

In December 2012 he had a major fall and has about nine severe disabilities, however, he is still an activist and writer. His main interest now is the intersection between our environmental crisis, disability, disaster preparation, and climate silence.

Debra and David on their back accessible deck, looking over their ecogarden.

Debra and David on their back accessible deck, looking over their ecogarden.

David’s home office is in a quarter-acre small eco-home called Mad Swan, with his wife Debra, and their cat Bongo.

David works closely with people in the Oregon Country Fair community as an Elder, the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene, video activist David Zupan, Saving Kesey Square, 350 Eugene, LeadOn Lane!, and the International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment.

Below are the various paid and unpaid jobs, or you can use the tab “Help Wanted” at the top of my blog to navigate these same items.

Here are paid and unpaid ways that may be a good fit, here in Lane County or anywhere:

Homecare Workers – Paid

I have a team of about five great folks who provide about 85 paid hours per week to help me get out of bed, take care of hygiene, eat, get back to bed and various activities of independent living that allow me to live in our community with my amazing wife, Debra.

I am the employer, and the wages are paid by the State of Oregon. To work for me the homecare worker must have an active Oregon provider number which I can help a person to get. Therefore a priority would be folks who already have an active provider number.

However, if homecare is something that you have always dreamed of doing, please tell me why because I may be able to help start you in this great career. In fact, often the only way to get such a provider number is through a disabled person, who must approve and interview a candidate first for Senior and Disability Services. S&DS will give successful prospects a free orientation, criminal background check, and then a provider number. Once a person has such a provider number, he or she may be on a directory online which can lead to more clients in our area, as well as paid training for a wide variety of topics that can enhance your career by S&DS.

We currently need one or more workers to cover weekly shifts beginning in April 2018. We also need subs almost every other week as fill-ins. Subbing might be a gateway to a position with more hours for me or another disabled person.

If you have an active S&DS provider number, and you are interested in this position, please email to me for more information: My phone number is: 458-205-9426.

I am listed in the S&DS registry.

For more information please see my blog entry about Homecare positions here.

I also have a blog entry about why someone might want to join my splendid crew, and how we aim to make this one of the best homecare jobs in the world. I have made a Top Ten List here.

Intern Volunteers – Unpaid

Interning with me is a great chance for someone who is an activist or wants to become an activist, because I have been an activist for 40 years in mental health, disability, human rights, and environment. I am open to starting with more than one intern so please express your interest.

Required: Good typing and writing skills, comfort with both PC and Apple computers, good sense of humor, reliability, ethics and support real global nonviolent revolution.

It is not too late to apply, but soon for this round, if you are interested! Please fill out this free, brief, online survey: Then please email that you have filled the survey to:

Computer Assistance – Paid

David Oaks and his wife, Debra welcome you to their Mad Swan Ecohome.

David Oaks and his wife, Debra welcome you to their Mad Swan Ecohome.

Needed: Basic computer maintenance for both PC and Mac.

Required: WordPress experience. Knowledge of back-up, security, hard drive clean-up.

After working in my home for a few hours, you could then do the ongoing work from your home in a few hours per month. Since the first meeting will be face to face, you do need to be able to be in Eugene. Maintenance of my computer can be done remotely. 

Please email me with your skills / experience and why you want to work for me, with your suggested fee:

Green Gardening – Paid

Our garden is on a 1/4 of an acre and we envision this space as more of an ecovillage modeling sustainability.

Required: Experience pruning a grape arbor. People have helped either as an individual or in a fun work party. Debra and I hope to make this Mad Swan Ecohome and Unkempt Garden as we call it, a leading example of environmentalism and learning. A specialty is green preparation for possible disaster especially for people with disabilities. In other words, there are great things we can do right now, such as appropriate solar technology, that would help life now, and help us vulnerable people for the future.

If you would like to help in any way, either one time or ongoing please email me at:


Administrative – Paid (now filled)

Assist longtime activist and quadriplegic in power chair in his home office with various professional and personal administrative tasks. Each admin is only for about three to four hours per week, and David is looking for about two to three such admins. While we cannot promise at this time, a goal is to build this job to 10 to 12 hours per week, about two afternoons at David’s and one shift that you can do from your own home.

Involves transcription, writing, editing, e-mail, scheduling, phone calls, research, organization, etc. While most of the work is in his home office in Southwest Eugene, once you work with him some of your work can be done from your home computer. You must support deep social and environmental justice and change. Experience as an activist is preferred, but not necessary.

Needed: Good typing and listening skills (David has a disabled voice and so the admin needs to be able to have good hearing.) Good writing abilities. Great sense of humor, social justice and reliability. Experience using computers. About $14.00 – $15.00 / hour depending on experience. Of course, since you are helping me here, you need to live in Eugene and you need to be able to commute here. Pay may be increased at a later date.

Please email me with your skills / experience and why you want to work for me: Possible candidates will be asked for three references at a later date.

Anywhere in World

My new and old friends are all over the planet. If you would like to be part of the network of folks who are working and playing with me, here are some ideas.

As my blog says, because of the environmental crisis we need something now bigger than D-Day. I call this E-Day, Earth Day is every day, literally. Every single person, perhaps every single particle, is the Ike, that is the Supreme Commander, of this global nonviolent revolution. I really do not know if we will win. I know for sure that we can make it undeniable that our planet is engaged in nonviolent revolution.

Whether or not you work here, some ways to participate:

Where ever you live, here are some ways to stay in touch and help to the extent you wish:

  • On the homepage of this blog, there is an email list and you can get on that.
  • I have another blog dedicated to support for me and our family after my fall, this blog is located here, and you will see that there is another list there you can join.
  • Before my fall I was not on Facebook much, but now I am on there almost every day. If you would like to intersect with me, my main page is David W. Oaks, which you can find here:
  • Other Facebook pages and groups to search are: UU Mental Health Justice, Support David Oaks, GageParkOaks (my family FB area), Stop the Murphy Bills, LeadOn Lane!, MindFreedom International, MindFreedom Lane County, International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment. That should get you started!
  • Real fans who want to work more closely are invited to join what we are now calling the OddSquad. In fact, about 60 of these folks are part of the OddSquad Advisory Team, that is an OAT.
  • Keeping Kesey Square in the middle of Eugene active and vibrant spot is important to me. You will often me visiting there and doing some creative activities.
  • I have joined the GreenLane Sustainable Bussiness Network, on behalf of the IAACM, because GreenLane speaks out about the climate crisis, which is a lot more than the sadly silent chamber of commerce. I encourage you to join GreenLane here.
  • If you have an interest in being apart of this active community please email me at: