Paid: Administrative Assistant

Administrative – Paid – Filled 1/2018

We just hired a very promising candidate, Phoenix, a student at the University of Oregon. Great interview, materials, reference. Welcome!

Here is the info that we posted, if you are curious:

Part time assist me, longtime activist and quadriplegic, in my power chair in our home office with various fascinating professional and personal administrative tasks. My wonderful admin instead needs to be a volunteer intern.

I have a web steward to work on the technical aspects of my blog, so you do not have to be a computer expert.

Each admin shift is only for about three to four hours, once or twice per week. Some of the shifts can be done from your home.

Involves helping me access the computer (I have disabled hands), writing, editing, e-mail, scheduling, phone calls, research, organization, etc. Our home is in an interesting quarter acre eco-garden in southwest Eugene. You must support deep social and environmental justice and change. Experience as an activist is preferred, but not necessary.

Needed: Good typing and listening skills (I have a disabled voice and so the admin needs to be able to have good hearing.) Good writing abilities. Great sense of humor, social justice and reliability. Experience using computers. About $14.00 – $15.00 / hour depending on experience. Of course, since you are helping me here, you need to live in Eugene and you need to be able to commute here.

Your next step, if interested, is to email me a resume and an informal cover letter. Please email me a note with your skills / experience and why you want to work for me:

You can provide references later.