Disability Activist Asks You to Find Experts to “Amplify His Voice”

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News Release – 26 September 2015

David Oaks Psychiatric Survivor Quad Plans to be a Public Speaker, Again

Oaks Hopes “Project Amplify Us” Will Help Others Facing Similar Disabilities
David Oaks in powerchair with his big brother Tony Oaks, friend Rev. Phil Schulman, wife Debra Nunez.

David Oaks in powerchair with his big brother Tony Oaks, friend Rev. Phil Schulman, wife Debra Nunez.

After nearly four decades of activism, mainly for human rights in mental health, David Oaks experienced a big fall and broken neck 33 months ago that put him in a powerchair with a label of “quad” and a number of new challenges, such as an impairment to one of his vocal folds.

Now, with the help of his brother Tony and others, he has launched a campaign to find the best experts to overcome his complex communications barriers. His goal is to once more become a professional public speaker.

Below, you can view the Project Amplify Us online 19-slide show with links to short videos, followed by Frequently Asked Questions:

View The Project Amplify Us Slide Show Here:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Project Amplify Us

How Can I Help?

Forward this news release about Project Amplify Us to any individual or group who you think might help. This Project is looking for the best resource people! Help surface them.

Are You a Potential Resource Person?

If you might be one of the experts who can address these challenges, let the Project know now: davidwoaks@gmail.com Say a little about yourself. There is no obligation.

What If I Have Ideas and Encouragement Now?

While this Project is not trying to solve everything at once, it would be nice to share your ideas and maybe help others too! You may post about Project Amplify here:

  • On this blog you may leave a public comment.
  • Search in Facebook for a new public group: ProjectAmplifyUs
  • Watch for a Reddit sub group in the near future: ProjectAmplifyUs
  • Of course, this Project is using this hashtag on twitter: #ProjectAmplifyUs

What If I Have Trouble Viewing the Slide Show?

The Project can email you the show. Contact the Project at: davidwoaks@gmail.com

Is There Any Financial Obligation?

This Project is totally for free, with no costs for anyone to participate. If you would like to donate to the David W. Oaks Irrevocable Trust, please go here.

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  1. David, don forget your slide pack can be viewed and or downloaded in full screen mode at Microsoft’s Docs.com
    And searching on the word ProjectAmplifyUs