Psychiatric Survivor Activist Blogs as PsychoQuad for a Revolution in Mental Health, Major Website Picks Up for Global Re-Distribution

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EUGENE, OR — FALL 2014 — News Release

A photo of David W. Oaks

David W. Oaks, aka PsychoQuad

A recent blog entry by long-time activist David Oaks is receiving quite a lot of attention among fellow activists working for major change of the mental health industry. In the blog, David tells his friend Marcia’s story of mental health rights abuse and activism. He writes, “Marcia’s story riveted me because it involves activism, madness, psychiatric torture of her beloved daughter, Unitarianism, secret poisoned-pen letters, Scientology and global warming!”  The story is certainly intriguing, and has quickly gathered more than 30 lively comments.

It has been 40 years since David W. Oaks was locked up for the first of five times by the psychiatric system. For 25 years he served as director of MindFreedom International, one of the main independent human rights groups in mental health. Then he broke his neck, and for the last 18 months he has been in a powerchair with a new label of “quad.” He prefers PsychoQuad, and people can find his new website name David W. Oaks continues to speak out, and he is making waves.

Today, Oaks devotes himself to the intersection of the mental health system, disability and the environmental destruction of planet Earth resulting in global warming. Oaks calls this dangerous combination Normalgeddon.

Oaks turns 59 on his birthday, Tuesday, September 16, 2014. Oaks said, “Do not worry about cards or gifts. I’m not fishing for praise. Just comment here on my blog and that will be birthday gift enough for me. Please try to leave your comments again, it should work now!”

Author Bob Whitaker is the publisher of the website “Mad in America.” He said, “As the long-time director of MindFreedom, David Oaks has been a leading voice for ‘rethinking psychiatry’ for decades. His writings will serve as an important contribution to” Oaks, 58, is based in Eugene, Oregon, where he lives with the one he calls his “true love Debra.”

Upcoming blogs by David will include his review of a new film about global mental health, how everyone can and should be a leader to stop Normalgeddon and more about the strange controversy involving Unitarianism and Scientology. Below find some links for you to explore:

David W. Oaks in Mad in America website:

This original blog:

To support David Oaks, such as donating to his trust:

Search on facebook: david w. oaks, support david oaks, iaacm, mindfreedom, mad in america, uu mental health justice

Twitter: davidwoaks


  1. Happy birthday David!
    I will most likely not see you, as I am leaving for a festival on Wednesday morning.
    Looking forward to a bubs group at Floral Hill really soon. Love you, Ruby

  2. Thanks, David, for helping all to hear the message: Do not let psychiatry become your prison, or normality your law.

  3. David – belated happy birthday from beautiful nutty Charleston, SC on on the Right Coast. Wonderful to see your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more on it!

    With love & kisses,
    Mary Newton

  4. So glad for your presence online. I still remember being handed a copy of DENDRON and realizing I wasn’t the only one and that was your doing of course.

    Are you coming to the Mad in America Film Festival?

  5. Hi David,
    Been trying to get through to say Hello from all of us in “RAPS” and hope you are doing well. We
    miss you and think about you mush! Keep up the great work you do and keep us informed.

    Linda Valentine

  6. Wishing you a very wonderful Birthday David!! When I saw your renamed website, psychoquad, I had an image of you wearing a brightly colored, shiny cape in my mind.

    • I like the idea of a cape, of course with the name of PsychoQuad the cape can be imaginary! But really, I should think about a simple logo, if you or others have an idea let me know. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      • Hey Uncle Dave! Happy birthday! I am so glad I got to see you last week. If you’re thinking about a logo, I could ask a friend of mine. Send me an email if you’re interested.

        • Thank you, Nora! Sure, a logo for PsychoQuad is appreciated, you are very creative, so maybe your friend will have a fun idea. By the way, I know you and Ethan are both interested in water conservation. The name of the new great Netflix documentary on this is Mission Blue. Also, NPR ran a great segment today about saving the Nile with diverse music. You and Ethan may want to hear this, click here: