Speaking mental health system, disability advocacy, climate revolution. Stand up comedy.

David W. Oaks has two different presentations: 1) Activist for human rights, changing the mental health system, disability advocacy, climate revolution. 2) Stand up comedy.

David W. Oaks is a highly sought after authority on psychiatric rights in the mental health system and advocates forcefully for the dignity and independence of patients and their families.  His perspective is–and always has been–deeply-rooted in an unwavering belief in the principles of informed consent and freedom to choose.

His public speaking has taken him to a wide range of places in the world, including Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Central and South America and, of course, much of the U.S.

David also conducts workshops and specialized training for social change activists.

Testimonials for David’s work as workshop organizer and public speaker.

Sample Speeches

1) David Oaks at Occupy the American Psychiatric Association, 5/5/2012

2)  David Oaks, MindFreedom International: Mental Health Choice and Empowerment (Taped Feb. 2008 in Portland, OR)

Here is a short clip from a panel representing mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors who spoke on how to further organize for change in the mental health system.

More about David

To contact Mr. Oaks for speaking engagements or other public appearances, please email David. You can also follow David on Twitter:  www.twitter.com/davidwoaks