Mad Memo #1: Dear Supreme Commander (You!) of Global Nonviolent Revolution!

Mad Memo #1: Dear Supreme Commander (You!) of Global Nonviolent Revolution!

Mad Memo #1

Dear Supreme Commander (You!):

Did you know you are a key leader of a global peaceful revolution? Surprise! My guess is that many of you reading this may not yet know that you are one of the “Supreme Commanders” of  world revolution.

In fact, if you wish, and you reflect the values of Martin Luther King, you may say you are leading the organization that he first envisioned, International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment (IAACM.)

Let me explain.

Yes, during World War II, Dwight D. (Ike) Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander during D-Day, which was one of the biggest operations in human history. This time, we need to do something far bigger than D-Day, encompassing the whole world. You and everyone are Supreme Commanders.

So I have a question for you:

“What does it look like if humanity even begins to attempt a global revolution?”

However you stand on the USA presidential campaign, you might admire the way Bernie Sanders has talked openly and frequently about “revolution.”

I have been calling for revolution for many decades. As a young adult back in the 1970’s, I experienced forced psychiatric drugging, and so I have spent my whole life

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Climate Chaos & Drinking Craft Beer in Eugene

News Release – 17 November 2015

Eugene Activists Visit Brewery To Ask Ninkasi to Say: “The US Chamber does not speak for us about the climate crisis!”

Chief Financial Officer of Ninkasi Brewery Will be Next Elected Chair of the Local Chamber of Commerce

Nigel Francisco, Chief Financial Officer for Ninkasi Brewery, and Next Chair of Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce (photo credit: ShelterCare)

Nigel Francisco, Chief Financial Officer for Ninkasi Brewery, and Next Chair of Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce (photo credit: ShelterCare)

This Friday, 20 November 2015, at 5:00 PM, Eugenians concerned about the climate crisis will gather at Ninkasi Brewery Tasting Room at 272 Van Buren St. Activists will drink the craft beer, and speak about the way global warming impacts each of us locally.

For more than five years, the influential climate group, has had a campaign to ask local chambers to distance themselves from the US Chamber based in Washington DC. The national US Chamber has had a history of blocking progress on addressing the climate crisis.

Now, having this gathering at Ninkasi Brewery makes more sense than ever:

Nigel Francisco, the Chief Financial Officer for Ninkasi, will soon become the elected chair for Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce. Ninkasi has a history of endorsing and speaking up for environmental principles.

David Oaks, one of the activists who plans to visit the Ninkasi Tasting Room this Friday, said, “This event will be friendly and supportive of Ninkasi’s support for our environment. While this gathering is unofficial and not organized by Ninkasi, we sure hope that someone from their staff attends.”

For more information about this campaign and local activities, please see:

The campaign by to challenge the US Chamber:

Background about local efforts to dialogue with the Eugene Chamber:

The environmental page by Ninkasi about their eco-values:

Website listing ways you can peacefully contact leaders of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce:

Details about visiting the Ninkasi Tasting Room this Friday, 20 November 2015, including a downloadable PDF poster:

Facebook event listing about this Friday:




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PsychoQuad & Friends Visit Eugene Area Chamber of Silence About Climate Crisis

My friend, activist David Zupan, wrote the below about our protest inside the Eugene area Chamber of Commerce, or the “Chamber of Silence” as our banner calls them. For several years we have asked our local chamber to say that the US Chamber does not speak for any of us about the denial of climate crisis. Unfortunately, Eugene’s Chamber has refused to say anything about global warming.

So, a few of us showed up inside the office for the Eugene Chamber when they held one of their regular luncheon meetings to try to get new members. We asked pointed questions and a couple of videographers, including David Zupan, captured our action. The national, well-respected climate crisis activist group 350 has called for us all in the USA to ask our local chambers to speak out. My impression is that the response from local chambers has been so frosty that activists have moved on to other, more-winnable campaigns, but we are tenacious, we psychiatric survivors, plus it is a good practice in loving our opponents when we surface opponents in reality, not just theoretically.

Okay, let us turn over the rest of this blog entry to David Zupan, his news and the video that he and Jana Thrift took, thanks David and Jana!

Challenging the Chamber of Silence

By David Zupan

In this four-minute video, local residents peacefully protest at a March 5, 2015 Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce meeting. They question the US Chamber of Commerce policy of denying global warming and demand that the local chapter state that the national does not speak for them on this urgent issue.

So far 56 Chamber of Commerce chapters have taken such action. Jana Thrift and I were both told to stop filming the event. I was grabbed and pulled toward the exit at one point which activist David Oaks stopped by saying “Don’t touch, don’t touch, we’re leaving.” Outside David Oaks and others talked with a Chamber rep who suggested a proposal could be submitted for review by the chamber at a later date:

Here is a 44-minute rough cut video of the same event:

For more info about our campaign for years to encourage the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce to speak out about the climate crisis, their refusal and what you can do see our landing page about the worst case scenario for global warming:

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