Your Input Needed Now: “Label Me Revolutionary!” New Website Coming

PsychoQuad, David Oaks, in front of the mural in the actual Springfield of The Simpsons

PsychoQuad, David Oaks, in front of the mural in the actual Springfield of The Simpsons

In one week I turn 61. For more than two-thirds of my life I have worked as a human rights activist for people in the mental health system and people with physical disabilities.

We, humanity in general, need a revolution now, more than ever! Why?

Because of the climate crisis and the catastrophe caused by our collective paralysis.

Because of the enormous and growing imbalance of wealth in our world.

Because of a thousand more reasons.


Turn Labels into Revolution!

With the capable help of web steward, Jeffrey Bousquet, we will soon be launching a new project and website. We request your ideas and feedback.

How does the experience of disability help us be better revolutionaries?

If you have never been labeled with a disability, how can you learn from disabled people?

What features on a new website would transform labels into revolution?

Join the Positively Weirdest in the World

Every thing and everybody are weird. But we aim to be positively weird. To be the positively weirdest!

Your feedback, ideas and involvement are encouraged in many ways:

  • You can make a comment here on this blog entry at the bottom.
  • If you are on Facebook, you may join a new group and give your comment here:
  • On Twitter we are using the hashtag #LabelMeRevolutionary

Watch for our launch!

We are looking for ideas, but more than that if the concept of turning labels into a peaceful revolution interests you, we would love to participate as a leader. Say it in your comment and provide a way to contact you.

While this project is totally independent, we support and work closely with the International Association for the Advancement Creative Maladjustment (IAACM). Founded as a poetic idea Martin Luther King, Jr. decades ago, we are making his dream a reality. You can too! If you support his values, you can proudly say you are IAACM leader!

By the way, my birthday is Friday, September 16. For my birthday, please make revolution visible now!

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