Help Wanted Now for Great Jobs.

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David_n_Debra_PaulCarterR-G-FBsizeHave you wanted a great job, with a decent pay rate and benefits, that helps people?

Home Care Workers are wanted now, both for substitute positions and permanent shifts.  For the past year I have been an employer of Home Care Workers, paid by the government. We have a great crew, but we have some gaps we need to fill.

If you are a caring person, with good communication skills, please apply simply by emailing me about your interest.  My email is

Below find lots more info.

Training is available free, for any of the task that may be new to you. You may apply for these positions with or without a Provider Number. If you do not have a Provider Number,  I can help you get one which may open a whole new career for you!

Thanks for your interest in supporting my independent living.  Please tell likely candidates in the Eugene-area about my help wanted.  Here are three tools, Click Here:

1.  My actual Help Wanted info. You will see I am immediately hiring both substitutes and permanent positions. 

2.  You will read here the Top 10 Reasons to Join Team Oaks.  Wow, as if it is not exciting enough already!

3.  You will find here a simple one-page PDF flyer that you may forward, download, print, give out.  You will see a nice color photo of me and my wonderful wife Debra! Click Here:  oakshelpwanted2014

Whatever you do, wherever you live, please consider leaving a comment here, or any of my entries on my Help Wanted, to help encourage this group effort. You may say why people might like Team Oaks! Or you may comment with your idea to assist this Help Wanted campaign. Or just comment with your “way to go” to encourage everyone!

1 Comment

  1. Hello, David! I am still in line to get provider status to work with you. I haven’t lost interest, but I haven’t heard from SDS yet re: passing my background check, and followup orientation. Should I call them and see what’s going on or should I be patient? In fact, I have some definite financial strains, and working with you in any capacity fairly soon would be great. I am quite good at multitasking, resourceful and easy to work with.


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