Thanks for the Deck, Movie, and Everything!

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Thank you again everyone for your support. This blog entry is by my good friend David Zupan. He is a videographer,  and you must see this short video online. The famous group Habitat for Humanity has a special initiative that can help people with disabilities. My friend Sue Barnhart told us about it, and my brother Tony did a lot of the sweat equity that is required.

Many people helped out with a hammer or food. The result is a beautiful deck and ramp that helps me enjoy our wild backyard, and with Debra I know I am home!

A Deck for David Story

By David Zupan
Here are the links to the movie “A Deck for David” on 1) Vimeo and 2) Facebook:

1) (best quality and larger screen)

“A Deck for David” is a video is about David Oaks getting free to enjoy being outside in his backyard. David is a long-time (40 years) activist for human rights in the mental health system. After suffering a spinal cord injury on December 2, 2012, David spent months in rehabilitation at the famous Craig Hospital in Colorado before returning home over a year ago.

The brief film describes the major impact of a backyard deck and ramp built for David by Habitat for Humanity Brush of Kindness program. We hope you enjoy it and consider donating to the David W. Oaks Trust so that he and Debra can continue their activism and independent living.

To donate or lend support, go to
David Zupan, Director
Progressive Voices


Thank you David Zupan and everyone who helped. You can help out by going to the above website called Support David Oaks, and making a donation there to my trust.

Whether or not you make a donation, while you are on that website Support David Oaks, you can sign up on a special E-mail list on the right side of that website, then you will get occasional notices of fund raisers. You will need to reply to an automatic confirmation E-mail to join that list.

If you are very interested in helping my fundraising, then please contact David Zupan via his personal website Progressive Voices, and join Friends of David Oaks or FODO.

Thanks again everyone! Please tell everyone to see this great video!



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