USA Debates What to do About Poison Attacks: What About These Two Other Poison Attacks?

Posted by on September 5, 2013 in Peer Support | 11 comments

Debra Puts Rose Petals On David Oaks FaceI want to encourage thinking, so “way to go” USA for pausing to consider the pros and cons of replying to Syria’s civil war and apparent poison attack.        I will watch that debate, but it brings up two other poison attacks.

First, what should be our response to our so-called normal society’s chemical warfare against citizens who are considered crazy?  I am referring to psychotropic drugging of people diagnosed with mental health problems.  If you find these drugs helpful, then I am not talking about you.

I am talking about the coercive administration of neuroleptic anti-psychotic drugs: Long ago that was Thorazine, Haldol, etc. and now Abilify, Zyprexa, etc. These drugs are often the ones given forcibly by injections on wards.  Now they are the chemicals often court ordered on people living in there own homes in the community.

These drugs are being given from the young to the old.  We are seeing two year old children given these drugs, because loving parents have been tricked into thinking their kids have a chemical imbalance.  All the elders on many hospices are being put on these drugs.

This family of drugs can shrink the frontal lobes which were once targets of the lobotomy.

So how do we respond to this chemical attack on the marginalized and dis-empowered?

This amounts to a chemical crusade causing untold suffering to so many people all over the world.  Author Robert Whitaker shows the scientific evidence that non-drug alternatives such as open dialogue, peer support, and cognitive behavioral therapy can often be more effective in the long run for mental health problems.


Second,  how about the chemical warfare by the so-called normal against Earth herself such as the emission of green house gasses?  The climate crisis threatens our whole ecosystem.  So how do we respond to this poison attack on our planet?

I do not have an easy answer for any of these chemical attacks.  But maybe this week of thinking might  remind us that we just celebrated Martin Luther King’s dream speech.

If we the people flexed our non violent muscles in a united and powerful way, couldn’t we reply to all of these attacks through our creative maladjustment?

By the way, MLK’s prepared written remarks fifty years ago talked about creative frustration, but he instead improvised about his dream.  Let us all this week be as creative as he was.

At the top of this blog see how my wonderful wife Debra was creative with the rose petals on my face. Thanks to the great personal assistant Michael for his support on this blog entry.


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  2. You ask, “So how do we respond to this chemical attack on the marginalized and dis-empowered?”

    I think that the answer is to outlaw involuntary psychiatric holds, the insanity defense and civil commitment so that only voluntary psychiatry exists. This means treating suicide as a civil right and also not diverting law breakers from the criminal justice system and into the psychiatric system.

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  4. A long time fan of yours (Lauralea Alexis Dahl) wrote this today on my Facebook post about your fundraising campaign and wanted to pass it along…
    “Thank you so much David. You are a light to others and you will never know all the lives you are touching and will touch. GET BETTER SOON.”


  5. Great perspective on how people are poisoned everyday. I agree these perspectives should be considered when thinking about mass media events. I wouldlike to offer another perspective on people being poisoned. What about our everyday dietary food that have added chemicals, hormones, GMOs, or even purely processed foods that no longer have nutritional value. The average person trusts their doctor and government to be honest with them in such matters of food safety and labels. However that is not true. Ignorance might be at play for many, but is not the responsibility of people in leadership roles to educate the general population what is happening to their food and water supply so that they can make a choice? Our FDA allows for chemicals, preservatives, and GMOs to be put in our food, when there is sufficient research that tells us these things are essentially pionous to us. Maybe not immediately, but over time. So what level of poison must we endure?

  6. Thank you, David, for your insightful and inspirational perspective helping us to recognize how these issues are interrelated and demand our collective attention and action. For more such diverse perspectives, I encourage folks to visit and “like” Progressive Voices on Facebook.

  7. “Creativity is intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein

    Combine the creative efforts of thousands of people and you have a movement! Jeanne

  8. Yeah how is inflicting brain damage upon people therapeutic?

  9. Thank you for sharing David, and was hoping you would write about this topic. Indeed, as I have been saying around here, the chemical attacks have been in practice for a lot longer than people realize, if only we thought laterally about it. I anticipated you would present this serious global issue while projecting your wisdom and peaceful energy from which so many of us draw strength and inspiration. Thank you so much. Wonderful, happy photo, by the way! Love and peace.

  10. Thank you for a wonderful reminder David…love your passion and the joy on your face after all you have gone through is sooo inspiring…I have been following your recovery and I hope I have one tenth of your ability to handle life as courageously and beautifully as you have! Love the petals and most of all love your beautiful smile….your essence is alive and well…namaste!

  11. Thanks for these thoughtful reminders, David. We need to use peaceful ingredients to create a peaceful world, including ingredients for medicine, foods, farming, & everything manufactured. Peaceful ingredients for wedding rings–no blood diamonds. Peaceful ingredients for kids’ toys–no lead. Peaceful ingredients for computers and phones–no slave labor for mining or assembling. Etc. The vibrations of a thing can be healthful or toxic. Start with peaceful thoughts. Extend to peaceful ingredients and manufacturing and disseminating. Doing a chem-wipe on a human brain is not peaceful. These are starting points. . . .Love ya, David