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David Oaks and his wife, Debra welcome you to their Mad Swan Ecohome.

A Special Message From a Few of the Friends of David Oaks

By Sue Barnhart, Susan Curtin, Susan Palmer, and David Zupan

We are contacting you to ask for continued support of the independent living of David Oaks with his wife Debra Nunez in their Eugene, Oregon home.

In 2020, David is launching a consulting business for green disability revolution, Aciu! Institute. Even though your support for his medical trust is not tax-deductible, support now really helps the re-activization of David W. Oaks. 
For more than 40 years, David has worked in the U.S. and internationally as a mental health human rights activist. His work continues to have a powerful impact on social justice and environmental issues.In 2012, more than seven years ago, David had a life-changing accident resulting in almost total paralysis, including a disabled voice. Despite this terrible accident, he has continued to work vigorously for his independent living and justice issues with loving support, help and care of Debra Nunez, his incredible wife.
It has come to our attention that Debra’s 24/7 responsibilities are not sustainable without periodic and extended breaks. Debra has just retired, so they both need to watch their budget. David and Debra need to be assured that he can receive safe quality care in her absence or if there is an emergency. In addition the household must be maintained so that she does not return to an accumulation of chores that would erase the benefits of her respite.Let’s care for Debra, David’s wonderful caregiver.
Please generously donate to David’s independent living trust fund. Our fundraising goal of $10,000 will provide what is needed for his care, the household and emergencies, especially when Debra is not present. David is pursuing goals for independence involving cutting edge technology and has even launched a consulting business, Aciu! Institute. Let’s support his independence!
Donations large or small will greatly enrich the quality of their lives. Anonymous friends have pledged to match your early donations, so if you give soon your gift can be doubled! If you are short of funds now, please consider the option of becoming a sustaining supporter who donates a smaller amount deducted monthly.
If you need more information, you can call his friend David Zupan at 541-484-9167.

Three easy ways to donate:

1) SEND A CHECK: Please make your check payable to: David W Oaks Irrevocable Trust

Please mail or drop off your cash or check directly to:
David W Oaks Irrevocable Trust
c/o Chase Bank
1100 Willamette St.
Eugene OR 97401 USA

The bank tells us it would help them if you referenced account number 3008433244 in the memo line of your check. Be sure to put your return address on your envelope so we can thank you!

2) USE YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT: (easy and free to start one) to donate monthly. Please choose your level of support below then click subscribe.

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Thank you for your support!

For examples of what the David W. Oaks Irrevocable Trust now funds, click here.

Note: your contribution to the David W Oaks Irrevocable Trust, while a gift, is not tax deductible and, of course, it is not refundable.

Thank goodness that the family for David, and cutting-edge law in Oregon, allow David to have a trust fund. 

If you live in the Eugene-Springfield area and would like to contribute your time and labor for David’s care, please fill out this form so we can better organize times and tasks for those who can help out.

Thank you!

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Video ButtonSee the homecoming video from the May 18, 2013 celebration at the Eugene Hotel. Video taken and generously provided by David Raymond (

Video created by David Zupan, owner of Progressive Voices.