My Amazing Niece and Nephew: Alex and Ty Smyth

Sure I love all of my many relatives, all of them. In fact, scientists have discovered that we are all each other’s cousins, so I love you all, you are all my relations!

But I do want to give a special award, as an Uncle, to Ty and Alex Smyth, see right.

Five years ago this week I broke my neck, and these two relatives sure have been supportive and helpful. Alex is a talented hair stylist who goes out of her way to make sure I get regular hair cuts

at home. Wow, house calls by a hair stylist, I feel like a celebrity. Her husband Ty is often here with a friendly word and story, saying hi to his Aunt Debra. Ty’s mom, Cindy, is one of Debra’s sisters and is an incredibly supportive relative too!


Plus These Two Help Me Feel Secure!

Alex Smyth at a Jiu Jitsu contest.

Alex Smyth at a Jiu Jitsu contest.

Alex and Ty are also experts in Jiu Jitsu, which along with their peaceful, mature and powerfully calm demeanor gives everyone around them a happy glow! On the left is a photo of Alex at one of her tournaments.


Plus they are co-owners of a small business here in Eugene, Oregon that tints vehicle windows, Darkside Window Tinting.  I am a satisfied customer, and highly recommend their service, see a photo at the bottom.

Yes I love all my relatives. And it is totally cool if any them are very busy or just too freaked out or overwhelmed or any other reason to drop by or stay in touch. No worries, there are many folks I need to see myself.

But a shout out to Ty and Alex, who have made sure they stop by here, spreading their good vibes and hanging out at our parties or backyard. May all seniors have a bunch of relatives like this!

Below is a photo of the two with me after I happily tinted my van at their Darkside Window Tinting business, you can reach them via their company website, say “Uncle Dave sent you!” plus there are some more Jiu Jitsu photos: