Keep Eugene Weirdest! “We’re the Crazy Ones?”

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This Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 — Free Walking Tour

Mark Roberts is Old Slug Queen and Disability Activist.

Mark Roberts is Old Slug Queen and Disability Activist.

Keep Eugene Weirdest!

“We’re the crazy ones?”

Your tour guides: Slug Queen Mark Roberts (wearing Donald Trump mask), David Oaks, Michael Hejazi, Ian McTeague, R. Drake Ewbank and David Zupan.



  • 1:30 pm: Intro & icebreaker start at Kesey Square.
  • 2 pm: Tour walks east on Broadway to office of Rep. Peter DeFazio. Deliver humorous awards objecting to his co-sponsorship of bill that supports more outpatient involuntary psychiatry.
  • 3 pm: Walk back to Kesey Square for open mic.

Modeled after the First Friday Art Walk, this totally independent amplified peaceful tour is for fun, but there is a serious side. Rep. Peter DeFazio has supported H.R. 2646, a huge mental health bill. The worst part is federal support for involuntary outpatient psychiatric care. Rep. DeFazio claims this will not emphasize forced drugging. But the tour guides know otherwise.  In fact, David Oaks is running for Peter’s seat as a write in.

Free. Sponsored by International Association for the Advancement of Creative Maladjustment.

David W. Oaks drawing by artist Isaac Paris c 2016

David W. Oaks portrait by Isaac Paris c 2016

Organizer David Oaks (pictured on left) is a psychiatric survivor activist Michael Hejazi is a mental health counselor in Eugene Ian McTeague is a local socialist organizer and IWW member. David Zupan is a community organizer media activist, a leader for the new Homegrown Community Radio, Mark Roberts is a long-time disability human rights activist and Old Slug Queen.



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