From Armchair to Action: Winning Human Rights in Mental Health!

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You’re Invited to a Free MindFreedom Campaign Action Webinar: 

All who support human rights in mental health are welcome!

Free Zoom Webinar, THIS Sunday, August 15, 2021

For decades, MindFreedom International (MFI) has been one of the strongest independent coalitions for human rights in mental health. Join us whether you’re a past, current, or possible-future MFI member. 

How can you work with others in MFI to effectively win alternatives and human rights through united campaigns? What steps can you take to begin forming an MFI Affiliate in your area? If you are already connected to an independent group, how can you connect with MFI as a Sponsor? 

Date: THIS Sunday, August 15, 2021

You need to register for free as soon as possible. Please click HERE

Zoom will then send you an automatic invite. If you do not see this, check your spam folder and/or search your email for the word zoom. Please note this invite link is unique to you, please do not share it. 

The start of the 15 August 2021 meeting, in several Time Zones:

7 pm ET US
6 pm CT US
5 pm MT US
4 pm PT US
23:00 UTC
8:00 (am), next day 16 August, in Korea & Japan. 

The meeting will be for up to 1.5 hours. MFI Executive Director Ron Bassman will be on this call and he said, “Charles Dickens opened his classic novel A Tale of Two Cities with the line, ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ If we are feeling that such a time is now, let’s push to make it the best of times.”

Sarah Smith from the MFI office will also be a presenter and said: “This Webinar is important because telling our stories to one another from our armchairs is not enough. We need to support one another and share our collective wisdom for a greater purpose: to go outside our bubbles and speak our truth to strangers, even if we are afraid.”

Other special guests include:

Wilda White
Celia Brown
Daeryun LIM, MAD Pride Seoul Korea
Jim Gottstein
Ted Chabasinski
Rev. Phillip Schulman

Any questions or problems, just contact David Oaks by email.

Yours in Solidarity,

David W. Oaks, Aciu! Institute

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