David W. Oaks

David Oaks outside the American Psychiatric Association meeting in Philidephia – Spring 2012

As well as speaking engagements, David W. Oaks offers workshops on a variety of topics. This workshop, “Independent United Activism: Community Organizing for Real Change in the Mental Health System” is the most popular.


 Independent United Activism: Community Organizing for Real Change in the Mental Health System
by David W. Oaks, former Director, MindFreedom International

This workshop is based on decades of personal experience by the presenter, as well as the lessons from decades of organizing in the movement to change the mental health system, and even other social change movements.

All are welcome, from all walks of life and all opinions! Mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors are especially invited, but a diversity of individuals — including mental health professionals, advocates, family members and the general public — have all taken and benefited from the workshop.

You may be totally new to social change to participate in the “role plays” in this workshop. If your organization or agency is currently engaged in a community organizing campaign, you can use this workshop to do “real life” strategic planning of issues, actions and goals.  Read MORE

David also puts on a workshop called, AMPLIFY.

The AMPLIFY training unites mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors, with allies, especially in the cross-disability movement. AMPLIFY has been given successfully throughout Oregon, plus in Ghana (see photo), Africa and Mexico City.  Here’s your chance to bring an exciting training to your community that unites people for real change in mental health care, especially drawing on the strength of allies!

How can you bring AMPLIFY training to your community? READ MORE

To contact Mr. Oaks for speaking engagements or other public appearances, please email David. You can also follow David on Twitter: